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Our club provides dedicated players a platform to become the best soccer player and person they can be. Through our SFL Club pathway and player development program players will be engaged to push themselves to become technically and tactically outstanding soccer players while also learning about how our SFL Life Lessons apply on and off the soccer field.


The SFL Club establishes boys and girls teams from U7 thru U19 to compete in the most recognized and competitive leagues and tournaments throughout the state and region.

SFL Club is dedicated to developing players, character building, and instilling positive teamwork habits. All SFL coaches are professionally trained and certified. SFL coaches originate from various parts of the world and bring their own distinctive style while upholding the SFL training methods. The coaches understand all players have different personalities, backgrounds and need to be treated with compassion, patience and understanding.


At Soccer for Life, we believe that soccer helps young people succeed on and off the field. By fostering commitment, discipline, and respect, our athletes will develop confidence and experience life lessons they will carry with them no matter what level of sport they ultimately achieve.


The Soccer For Life staff is dedicated to giving young people access to a complete soccer program. With our development pathway at its core SFL customizes its curriculum based on age and competition level. Our diverse coaching staff each bring a love of the game and desire to teach.


Our coaching framework stems from the game itself, no lines or players standing around. Our players are always involved in learning the game through game-like situations allowing players not only to become technically proficient but also tactically proficient.

Coaching Philosophy

  • Players will learn the game in game-like situations
  • Sessions will always provide a problem to solve for players
  • Players are encouraged to explore ways to solve the problem while coaches guide them towards solutions


A year round soccer program August - August, 2-3 practices per week, professional instruction, fall and spring league, tournament and state cup play.


SFL Club are proud of our partners and the value they add to our club, players and families. Click on a partner logo to visit their website.